Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Dallas Stars
December 17, 2009


Another broken streak, this time a good one. We were yet to win a game in these cursed red jerseys. Our 6 to 5 overtime victory marked the end of that crap.

My mom and sister were able to join us again. Later, at Taco Mac, we met a guy that also takes lots of pics at Thrashers games. He takes pics at airshows too. Here is his blog: Shot From The Sky. He has the lens I want and was kind enough to let me hold it. Holy heavy lens! But soon, it shall be mine.

Slava Kozlov was featured on the program cover.

Pavelec and Auld (both # 31) enter the ice simultaneously for warm ups.

Very freakin' cool picture of the pucks being knocked to the ice by Slater.

They were still bouncing a little when Shubert came out.

The boys get into attack position.

Previously teammates, Moose and Turco catch up.

And keep on chatting...

And chat some more...

Kovy handles the puck.

Salmela takes his turn.

Bogosian does the same.

Hainsey checks out the scoreboard while Reasoner stretches a bit.

Haha! Toby. Why do you always do that?

More warm up action.

Kovy watches the activity.

Pavelec shows off the right side of his new mask, which is a tribute to Atlanta's hockey past.

Kozlov was watching a puck go over the glass. I didn't know that until it landed at my feet and rolled off.

All smiles from Evander.

The complete opposite from Kubina. Really, he looks angry here. What gives?

Time for the "Pavelec takes a break" picture.

Jim Slater waits for his turn with the puck.


Z-Bo again.

And again.

Kane, about to shoot.

Bogo looks for the pass.

The starting line up is announced and Todd White is in the spotlight.

Pavelec in the spotlight.

Auld takes a moment to stretch during a stoppage in play.

Armstrong collides with Auld during an exciting play.

This one slid just wide of the net.

You can see the puck in the netting of his glove there.

Max goes for a wild ride. He's in mid-air here.

Kane waits for the face-off.

Auld does some crazy stretching. Looks like he's getting ready for some limbo.

The boys celebrate a goal.

Kovy winds up.

We scored again and they pulled Auld.

Some discussions take place on the other end.

Pavelec skates over during a TV time out.

Stoppin' pucks.

Stoppin' more pucks. I just took this pic a moment too soon and the puck hasn't quite entered the frame yet.

Pavs needs liquid refreshment.

Bogo is like, "Hey, I found this stick over by the face-off circle. Does this belong to anyone?"

Toby, passing to Kovy. I'm sure of it.

Some goal celebration.

Pavelec makes a dramatic save.

Thrash talks crap to the Stars.

Even the Grinch made an appearance.

A stunned Pavelec after the Stars tie the game and send it to overtime. Poor little fella.

Peverley prepares for war.

Pavs gets soaked in Gatorade in 3... 2... 1...

We scored! Woo hoo!

Some love for the goalie.

The game's third star, with a goal and an assist, Ilya Kovalchuk.

The second star, making 42 saves, Ondrej Pavelec.

It's hard to clap with gloves on.

The first star of the game, without a doubt, was Rich Peverley. He scored two goals and had an assist. One of the goals was short-handed and the other was the game winner.

Yay for Pevs!

Some interview action.

The post game show guest was Thrashers head coach John Anderson.

Deep in concentration.

Anderson and Darren chat about the game and such. That's all, folks!