Atlanta Thrashers Vs. New Jersey Devils
December 19, 2009


This was a classic case of too much "ha ha," pretty soon "boo hoo." We were leading the Devils 3 to 1 at the end of the first period. In fact, we scored those three goals in only six shots. The Devils, in the meantime, had 24 shots on goal, and only one goal. It was awesome to see super goalie Martin Brodeur get pulled. Then things just fell apart...

Zach Bogosian was featured on the program.

The obligatory Pavelec in the spotlight picture.

Martin Brodeur's pre-game ceremonial helmet kiss. He has the initials of his children back there.

Our first goal scorer of the evening, Ron Hainsey (near the bench).

Our second goal scorer was Nik Antropov (# 80). Very awkward looking picture, though.

Bogo knocks it into the corner.

Proof of the lop-sided stats, and the reason Brodeur was pulled.

Yann Danis started the second period.

Look! There's Marty on the bench! Tee hee.

Some face-off action.

Another look at the very rarely seen in an actual game, Yann Danis.

The player suite. Someone wake up Salmela.

Some light discussions.

Some slightly heavier discussions.

Thrash gives his two cents.

It's the circus sideshow where you see how many people they can fit in a net.

Chaos and pandamonium.

Pavelec hauls ass to the bench for an extra skater in the last minute or so.

But it's to no avail. We lost. Woe is me. :(