Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
December 20, 2008


This game brought the triumphant return of Kari Lehtonen after being out numerous weeks with a back injury. It was also a "Code Red" night in which the team wears their alternate jerseys against a division rival. I think I prefer taking pictures during their warm-up because there doesn't tend to be as much action. It's generally easier for the camera to focus on them, and I'm not trying to watch the game at the same time. I really need a faster lens to keep up, so maybe I'll look into that some time. Our seats for this game were in Section 114, Row D. There were these "Go Thrashers!" signs provided by Chick-fil-A laid out for us when we arrived. We had three Lightning fans sit down in front of us, so while they were taking pictures, I held up the "Go Thrashers!" sign behind them. Hee hee. :) After the pictures, the girl took off her Lightning jersey to reveal a Thrashers jersey. "What? Multiple personalities?" I asked her. She explained that the Lightning jersey was a gift, so she had to wear it for a little while. I knew it. Everyone is secretly a Thrashers fan.

The cover of the program for the evening's festivities.

Several fans made "Welcome back Kari" signs.

A little smack talk, and a shout out for the injured Exelby.

Armstrong, Boulton, Oystrick, and White.

Hedberg, Kovalchuk, and Enstrom.

Eric Perrin.

Kari in front of one of his signs.

Jim Slater.

Havelid and Hedberg.

Willaims and Schneider.




Slava Kozlov.

Bryan Little checks out the signs.

Kari blocks a few shots.


Colby Armstrong.

Chris Thorburn.

Tobias Enstrom.

Reasoner, Slater, and Kozlov take turns shooting the puck.

Moose warms up.




Boris Valabik.

Ilya Kovalchuk.


The game begins.

Mark Recchi, no longer in a Thrashers jersey.



Haha, he looks like he has a drooling problem!

The team stands to celebrate a goal.






Ron Hainsey.



Kovy's slapshot creates a blur of motion.







A skirmish breaks out at the net.


LOL at Marty St. Louis in the net!

We won 4 to 3! Kari was awarded the night's first star.