Atlanta Thrashers Vs. Montreal Canadiens
December 21, 2009


The Thrashers web coordinater recapped this game by saying this: "There are nights when a team plays poorly and wins and nights when a team plays well and loses. Tonight was the latter." I most definitely agree.

We played so well because Rich Peverley was on the program. :)

My sister started off with the camera during warm ups. She caught this pic of Moose.

Evander Kane pokes at a puck.

Moose doing some side to side pushes.

Pavelec looking majestic.

What's better than one goalie? Two goalies!

I think I've taken this picture a few times now.


Armstrong with another strange expression going on.

"Big Bo" Boris Valabik.

This one is blurry, yes, but I kinda like it, in spite of its short-comings.

Todd White works on his saucer pass.

Salmela carries the puck.

Extreme close-up of Ron Hainsey.


Pavelec's initials are O.P., so lots of people call him Opie. Kinda hokey, but I'm alright with it.

Moose prepares for action.

Bogosian, too, prepares for action.

Blockin' the five hole.

Watching one sail wide.

I can't wait until I get my better lens, cause this pic would have been great!

Pavs kinda looks like, "Will he ever shut up?"

Bouncy, bouncy.

Bogo looks for a shot.

And decides to take it.

Bogo was mesmerized by something in our general direction.

Kane skates in.

"Head, shoulders, knees, and toes..."

No Moose in the spotlight pic to start the game, but here's a thirsty Moose pic to get things rolling.

Kozlov working on some strategy.

Some bodies pile up next to the glass for a moment.

Kane gets sent to the box.

But then they change their mind and just kick him out all together. That's a bad man, right there.

Max dazzles with his puck handling craziness.

19 shots in one period! Is this really our Thrashers?

Chasing the puck.

More thirsty Moose.

Hainsey and Moose talk about something. Probably pottery, or something like that.

I bet these guys could play better if they would untie their legs.

Army's trying to remind White and O'Byrne that this is a family affair...ahem.

Pushing and shoving.

It's like teaching a kid to pet a cat. "Rub him, like this."

What would be a sweet action shot, if my pictures were any better.

Suddenly, all of Halak's equipment fell off.

Moose has also noticed how Reasoner's tongue is almost always exposed.

Hab sandwich on the right there.

*gasp* Little!


Something appeared to be wrong with his left foot / ankle. He came back later, though.

Kovy is waiting for the puck.

Afinogenov dazzles again.

Kozlov looks for a shot.

Bogosian is sent to the box this time.

Army, looking for a passing lane.

Holy crap! 48 shots on goal?! No way! And still 41.3 seconds left.

Going to overtime. 50 shots! Fifty! F-I-F-T-Y. Unheard of for the Thrashers.

Dammit. That's our goal, isn't it? *sigh*

Another well fought loss.