December 27, 2009


Either the third time was going to be a charm, or I was gonna start hurting people. I mean, don't these guys realize that we drive for over an hour (certainly longer if I obeyed speed limits) to see them? They need to show some respect! :p

A charm, it was! I finally got to see Kari practicing (!!!) and Kalia got her jersey signed by Zach (twice). There. That's better.

There he is! For real! OMG, it's Kari!

Stretches and such.

Majesty. Hopefully he's still got it!

As you can see, he's got himself some new pads.

Haha - Travis said he looks like a panda!

Antropov Junior was there again and got to shoot on a second overall draft pick.

Before Kari left, Pavelec and Moose came out. Are you kidding me?! A goalie trifeca! I'm... just... *thud*

They look like they're playing Jacks. :p

I'm totally in goalie heaven.

Moose wandered off, so Pavs was joined by Kari.

Their masks look kinda similar. I wonder if the same person did them?

Moose took a few shots on goal from the blue line.

Sheer concentration.

They totally look like they're gossiping about something.

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

Kari, looking a bit scruffy, maybe a little pudgy, but I don't care. I'm glad he's coming back.

Now Pavs and Moose must get down to business.

Pavs watches Moose do some drills.

Now Moose watches Pavelec.

In between drills, they would fist bump each other. I kept trying to get a good pic of it.

Down low.

Blockin' the net.

Tag, you're it.

Yes, 24 pictures in, and I finally focus on a non-goalie. Thorburn should be proud.


Moose makes a silly face.

So does Bogo.

Kubina thinks it's just too early still.

Bogosian watches the action in anticipation.

Peverley looks a bit sleepy too.

Kap'n Kovy.

Valabik standing with Cunneyworth, one of the coaches.

"I got yer healthy scratch right here!"

Schubert slides through and picks up some ice shavings.

Valabik, looking intense.

Great. Just great. Now Moose has caught me too.

Antropov looks to be checking the time.

Boulton looks a little too relaxed.




Kubina takes a break.

Antro and Bogo.

A gaggle of Thrashers.

Bogo and Whitey.


Watching the one-on-one action.


Slater and Valabik.

Reasoner and Little.

Kozlov and a concerned looking Armstrong.

Now a more focused Armstrong.

Peverley kinda looks like a bad ass here. Always playing the imaginary stick guitar.


Bryan Little.

Bogosian. Not sure if he's out of breath, or about to cry.

Outside now. This is where the real stalkers hang. I was content to stand at a distance and just take pics. Papparazzi style.

This is Kovalchuk's crazy safari vehicle. It's a Brabus. I looked it up. They mod stuff and sell it for $700,000.

Nik Antropov.

I didn't notice his kid there until after I took the pics. I blurred the pic for privacy's sake.

Jim Slater.

Toby Enstrom walking to his car.

Slava Kozlov. I hear he's hard to get to. I've had fairly good luck so far.

Haha - This is some real papparazzi stuff right here. Over some dude's shoulder and through the bushes, Moose talks to Toby.

Christoph Schubert. Didn't get too good of an angle on him.

Quite possibly the worst picture of Moose I have ever seen.

Kalia wanted to pose with Toby.

And Pavelec. :)

Maybe Rich Peverley just IS a bad ass. Haha!

Colby Armstrong.

Jana and Armstrong.

Apparently Bryan Little fears silver Sharpies.

Bryan Little and Jana Little. How cute.

Marty Reasoner.

Signing various things.

Zach Bogosian, signing the same various thing.

Closer, for Kalia.

And closer still. Our goals fulfilled, we headed home for the day.